Let's Enjoy Mini-Go Games with a 9x9 Board.

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A 9x9 board has one fourth of a normal 19x19 board.
It takes more than one hour to play one game on the 19x19 board. It takes, however, only 20 minutes on the 9x9 board, which is suitable for teaching and learning go rules.

How to read aloud positions of stones on an 9x9 board
We propose the followong way.

1. A starting point is defined, from which a horizontal position is read aloud. And then, a vertical posirion is read aloud.

2. The left top corner is the starting point for the Black. A black stone on the board is 4,3. A white stone is 6,5.

3. The right bottom corner is the starting point for the white. A black stone on the board is 4,3. A white stone is 6,5.

There are software programs with which you can play go with your computer. Some software programs available on the internet are introduced. Furthermore, an introduction text on 9x9 Igo is available on the internet.

From this Download Page, you can get an Igo soft of "Takuchan"and an introduction test book on 9x9 Igo.

"Igowin (English)"is a free version of "Many Faces of Go" for playing go against a computer on 9-line board, which is shown in "Smart Games" by Mr. Fotland, U.S.A..
Black starts with a rank of 25 Kyu. If you win, your rank will go up. If you lose, it will go down. You can enjoy each game until you reach the highest 6 dan.

"How to Teach Go (English)"is a program by Mr. Mindy, which is easy to understand go rules in English for go learners and teachers.

Igo records are shown in this home pages, using "GoodShape Kifu Regeneration Applet (Japanese)".

This is a Java applet by Sun Microsystems. 

In order to download the Java apllet, you are recommended to contact following pages.

http://java.com/ja/download/download_the_latest.jsp or

If the Java applet is successfully downdloaded, a square will appear with a boiling coffee cup, and then, an Igo board will appear.
In case of dial connection, you can move stones even if you disconnet the line.。

Study of Igo Records in Japanese : Study of Mr. Nakamaru's records by Mr. Asae, our soceisty's professor

Mini Igo Records : Introduction of 10 records of professionals by favor of Kansai Kiin

Igo Records of National Meeting :
Records of 2003,2004,2005 National Title Matches sponsored by our society

Igo Records of Mr. Nkamaru  :Mr.Nalamaru's Igo records by mail with his friends all over Japan