Volunteers Are Invited

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Following are requested to volunteers

Instruction of 9-line go board games

One who enjoys go games with visually impaired people and instructs them go games is invited.
Places for playing go are welfare centers or schools for the blind. The meeting is held about two times per month. It takes two to three hours for a meeting. Details are determined after consulting with you.
The meeting place will be chosen which is located near your home, as a transport fee is borne by you.

Support for events

Supporting and assisting  events and meetings which are sponsored or cosponsored by the Association.

Volunteer Qualified

One who has a passion for voluntary activities is requested.
Anyone is welcome. Taking into account meeting time, however, a grownup will be welcome.
Also, the go power of over 5 Kyu is welcome. The rank is an unauthorized  amateur class for normal (19x19) board.


Japan Go Society Office : Fumio Miyano
Address : Kasuga 4-11-4-205 Suita city§565-0853
Tel : 06-6318-6278
Fax : 06-6338-6715

Request for Support and Donation

To spread go to the nation and the world, preparation for go game sets and texts in braille and development of computer software are needed.
Contributions are solicited.

Please contact us as shown above.
Postal money order : 00920-9-317397@“ú–{Ž‹ŠoáŠQˆÍŒé•‹y‰ï
Bank account : ‚è‚»‚È‹âs@“ìX’¬Žx“X@•’Ê5918165@“ú–{Ž‹ŠoáŠQˆÍŒé•‹y‰ï